Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys

At Genova, Malin & Trier, Attorneys at Law, we focus exclusively on bankruptcy law, helping individuals and businesses with bankruptcy filings under Chapter 7,11,13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Allow our experienced Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys to work with you to find a plan to free you from harassing creditors, or keep you financially afloat.

Compassionate Representation

We are an established bankruptcy firm that knows how to help people or businesses in financial trouble. We couple our professionalism with a personal approach in helping our clients. Our attorneys and staff get to know our clients on a first-name basis. We listen to our clients to get a complete understanding of their financial situation and other relevant circumstances.

Our Strategies Can Help You Find Financial Freedom!

Debt relief involving any of the following:
» Credit card debt
» Mortgage debt
» Automotive loans and leases
» Medical bills
» Matrimonial debt
» Tax debt
» Student loans

» Stop foreclosure
» Avoid repossession
» Stop wage garnishments
» Income Tax Relief

» Restructure loans & tax obligations
» Save your business
» Stop lawsuits
» Orderly liquidation of assets

Genova, Malin & Trier, Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Our Strategies Can Help You Find Financial Freedom!

We are a debt relief agency helping people to file for a bankruptcy relief.