Bankruptcy is a powerful tool providing effective debt relief for individuals, married couples and businesses. Filing bankruptcy is a perfectly legal remedy but is not to be taken lightly. Bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years.

You May Have Good Reasons to Want to Avoid Bankruptcy

Although bankruptcy is a somewhat private matter between yourself, your attorney, your creditors and the bankruptcy court, it will nonetheless be a matter of public record. Potential employers and others who might request background checks on you will be able to discover this information through court records.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Determine the Best Debt Relief Solution

Taking these and other considerations into account, the first step in your quest for debt relief should be to determine whether bankruptcy is the most appropriate remedy for your situation. An honest conversation with an experienced debt relief attorney is an excellent way to get the information you need before making this important decision:

    » Clear up misconceptions
    » Dispel your fears and worries
    » Know what to expect before you move forward
    » Determine whether your financial life shows common warning signs that often indicate bankruptcy will become necessary
    » Decide if there are non-bankruptcy options in your reach

Genova, Malin & Trier, Attorneys at Law, offers initial consultations about bankruptcy alternatives as part of our overall service of bankruptcy help near Poughkeepsie. Would some solution other than filing bankruptcy work for you? Pay us a visit at our law offices and we will gladly discuss some options that you may be considering in the face of overwhelming debt.

What if You Are Considering Bankruptcy for Your Business?

If your company or business is facing financial distress, contact us so that we can make an appointment to evaluate your situation. We understand that financial troubles do create stress for individuals, and for people who have devoted themselves to building a company. We are available to help you consider non-bankruptcy options, as alternatives to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. You will be treated to our personalized, friendly service. We pride ourselves on professional bankruptcy representation with a personalized approach.

If you decide that bankruptcy is the best option for your personal or business finances, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with Genova, Malin & Trier, Attorneys at Law. We can help you take action right away to get debt relief underway:

    » Stop creditor harassment
    » Stop foreclosure
    » Stop wage garnishment

We can advise you on the right timing for filing bankruptcy.  Call us 845-298-1600 today!