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Our Strategies Can Help You Find Financial Freedom!
At Genova, Malin & Trier, we focus exclusively on bankruptcy law, helping individuals and businesses with bankruptcy filings under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. We welcome inquiries from New Yorkers who are seeking alternatives to bankruptcy and weighing their options. Even high income earners may qualify for bankruptcy through the means test if their debts outweigh their ability to repay.

Our law firm helps potential clients explore all options, including bankruptcy, when debt overwhelms. We only recommend bankruptcy if we truly believe it is the best choice for a particular debtor. In some cases, debt settlement negotiations with creditors or other alternatives may be preferable.

Our years of experience have given us valuable insights and skills that can help direct you in your search for debt relief involving any of the following:

    » Credit card debt
    » Mortgage debt
    » Automotive loans and leases
    » Medical bills
    » Matrimonial debt
    » Tax debt
    » Student loans

Allow our experienced Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys to work with you to find a plan to free you from harassing creditors, or keep you financially afloat. We offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your financial situation.

The following in-site links will help you find information and answers to most of your bankruptcy questions without a consultation:


Credit Cards, Mortgages, Automobile Loans & Leases, Medical, Matrimonial, Tax, and Student Loan Debt


Chapter 7 Means Test